R for Everything at the 2016 New York R Conference

Analyzing Play-by-Play Data at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and Columbia Business School

Scoring Sales Leads at the Data Science NYC meetup

Bayesian Regression at the Bay Area R User Group

Data Science in Practice at eBay Israel

Lasso for Everyone at Data Engineering Conference

Visualizing Models (updated) at EARL Boston

Making R Go Faster and Bigger at The NY R Conference

Reducing Uncertainty with Bayesian and Penalized Regression at PyData NYC 2014

Confidence in the Lasso at PyGotham 2014 and Data Science DC

Backends for Big Data in R at the Big Data in Quantitative Finance conference

R for Machine Learning at Goldman Sachs and eBay NY

Portfolio Optimization and Bayesian Regression at the For Python Quants conference

Visualizing Models presented at the New York Python meetup

Introduction to R and Regularization presented at Big Data & Data Science – Israel

Anomaly Detection in R presented at Tibco Financial Conference

Python & R presented at Python in Finance

New York City vs Silicon Valley Data presented to amst-R-dam

Poisson Regression using Pizza Data at Cornell NYC Tech and Technion Institute (Markdown Code)

Simple ggplot2 Tutorial delivered at Gilt (Markdown Code)

Building Packages for R delivered at The Connecticut R User Group (Markdown Code)

An Introduction to Multilevel Models with Harlan Harris for the New York Predictive Analytics Meetup (PowerPoint PresentationR Code)