Attending this week’s Strata conference it was easy to see quite how prolific the NYC Data Mafia is when it comes to writing.  Some of the found books: Books from the #nycdatamafia @drewconway @johnmyleswhite — NYC Data Hackers (@nyhackr) October 29, 2013 Books from the #nycdatamafia @mikedewar — NYC Data Hackers… Continue reading

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This year’s Pi Cake courtesy of Chrissie Cook: Side View: And don’t forget this is Albert Einstein’s birthday was well. How are you celebrating this fantastic geek holiday? Like last year, the NYC Data Mafia will be out celebrating with (round) pizza. Related Posts Pi Cake 2018 Pi Cake 2017 Pi Cake 2016 First Bayesian… Continue reading

As mentioned earlier, yesterday was Pi Day so a bunch of statisticians and other such nerds celebrated at the new(ish) Artichoke Basille near the High Line.  We had three pies:  the signature Artichoke, the Margherita and the Anchovy, which was delicious but only some of us ate.  And of course we had our custom cake… Continue reading