The inaugural Government & Public Sector R Conference took place virtually from December 2nd to December 4th. With over 240 attendees, 26 speakers, three panelists and a rum masterclass class leader, the R|Gov conference was a place where data scientists could gather remotely to explore, share, and inspire ideas. We had so many amazing speakers,… Continue reading

It’s Pi Day, when we celebrate all things round by eating pizza and Pi Cake. This is the ninth year we have celebrated Pi Day and the fourth year in a row we got the Pi Cake from Empire Cakes. This year’s pizza place was Arturo’s on Thompson and Houston. Arturo’s is a great example… Continue reading

In my last post I discussed using coefplot on glmnet models and in particular discussed a brand new function, coefpath, that uses dygraphs to make an interactive visualization of the coefficient path. Another new capability for version 1.2.5 of coefplot is the ability to show coefficient plots from xgboost models. Beyond fitting boosted trees and… Continue reading