Last night we celebrated Rounded Pi Day by rounding at the 10,000’s digit to get 3.1416 which nicely works with the date 3/14/16.  This was great after Mega Pi Day worked out so perfectly last year.  And this all built upon previous years’ celebrations. We ate a large quantity of pizza at Lombardi’s. and for the second… Continue reading

Fifteen Years of Data Science in NY at the 2024 New York R Conference Mapping Large Data at the 2023 R in Government and Public Sector Conference Model Shootout at the 2023 Data, Design, Development and Discovery Conference Building an R Package with LLMs at the 2023 New York R Conference Deploying R in a… Continue reading

Continuing the annual tradition of Pi Cakes from Chrissie Cook we have gotten another Pi Cake!  This year we let Drew Conway’s wife pick the flavors and she went with vanilla and red velvet (the blue color is to cause some cognitive dissonance).  Looking forward to enjoying this tonight after some pizza. Previous cakes in… Continue reading

Wes McKinney and I are hosting our first ever Open Statistical Programming meetup tomorrow night after taking over for Drew Conway.  Please attend, have some pizza, enjoy the talk then come out for some beer. This meetup is about EDA, Visualization and Collaboration on the Web and will be presented by Carlos Scheidegger from AT&T Labs.… Continue reading

This year’s Pi Cake courtesy of Chrissie Cook: Side View: And don’t forget this is Albert Einstein’s birthday was well. How are you celebrating this fantastic geek holiday? Like last year, the NYC Data Mafia will be out celebrating with (round) pizza. Related Posts Pi Cake 2018 Pi Cake 2017 First Bayesian Short Course Pi… Continue reading

Taking a break from my normal exposition on stats, New York or pizza I’d like to espouse the wonders of baking soda and vinegar! My sink was clogged, not with anything specific, but just years worth of gunk.  So after scraping out what I could with my hands and a wire hanger–and wanting to avoid… Continue reading