Taking a break from my normal exposition on stats, New York or pizza I’d like to espouse the wonders of baking soda and vinegar! My sink was clogged, not with anything specific, but just years worth of gunk.  So after scraping out what I could with my hands and a wire hanger–and wanting to avoid… Continue reading

Today is World Statistics Day as declared by the United Nations.  There are events all over the world including a mourning for the Canadian census.  The official US event (pdf) is in Washington, DC but a bunch of New Yorkers are celebrating at the bit.ly hack.a.bit. Drew Conway has some ideas how to celebrate. Ban Ki-Moon’s… Continue reading

Both the Journal and the Times reported on a studyabout New York City traffic which someone has called the “most statistically ambitious ever undertaken by a U.S. city.”  That just sounds awesome to me, both as a statistican and a pedestrian.  According to the report, New York is one of the safest cities in America to… Continue reading

The New York Times has a couple pieces today about ice cream.  The one that really caught my attention (thanks to Pat Kiernan) is on the skyrocketing cost for a scoop of ice cream.  I had somehow gotten used to paying three, four or more dollars at places like Cones, L’Arte del Gelato or the Chinatown Ice… Continue reading