A great way to visualize the results of a regression is to use a Coefficient Plot like the one to the right.  I’ve seen people on Twitter asking how to build this and there has been an option available using Andy Gelman’s coefplot() in the arm package.  Not knowing this I built my own (as… Continue reading

Last week Slice ran a post about a tomato taste test they conducted with Scott Wiener (of Scott’s NYC Pizza Tours), Brooks Jones, Jason Feirman, Nick Sherman and Roberto Caporuscio from Keste.  While the methods used may not be rigorous enough for definitive results, I took the summary data that was in the post and performed… Continue reading

Thanks to some early data from Pizza Girl, of Slice fame, I have some very preliminary findings. There are a few different ways to tip, check (only one person did this), credit card at the door, pre-tipping with a credit card and cash.  As seen in these boxplots, cash tippers were the highest, on average.  Pre-tippers, who really… Continue reading

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of my more interesting projects. A sampling of presentations are available on the Talks page. Coefplot for visualizing model coefficients (GitHub Repository) A multilevel analysis of wealth’s affect on the contraction of noncommunicable diseaseswith Richard Garfield and Gauden Galea for the World Health Organization 2010 Post Nargis Periodic Review… Continue reading