Temple professor John Allen Paulos has an article in the New York Times that got Slashdotted today suggesting people be wary of all the metrics that fill our daily lives. His first contention is whether assumptions about categorization are correct.  This is certainly important, but hopefully qualified statisticians, social scientists, doctors, etc. . .are making these… Continue reading

Steven Strogatz is writing a column for the New York Times where he discusses math, starting with basic concepts and working his way up to the complex and cerebral. I, and a lot of people, love his column.  However, last week’s piece on probability was not received so well by the statistics community., particularly on… Continue reading

Thanks to Drew Conway for posting this video of me dicussing my thesis (pdf) on NYC pizza.  It was part of the New York R User Meetup on Applications of R. Related Posts The virtual 2021 R Government & Public Sector Conference is coming December 9th & 10th Analyzing Room Temperature Data Inaugural Government &… Continue reading

This Thursday, April 8th, I’ll be giving two brief talks (5 to 10 minutes) about statistical methods at the New York R User Meetup.  The first will be applying multilevel models to World Health Organization data to study noncommunicable diseases.  The second, and probably more fun, will be a presentation of my pizza paper (pdf) that was… Continue reading

Being a stats junkie I’m probably more excited about filling out my Census forms than most people.  That said, a lot of my friends have expressed glee at receiving their Census forms.  Perhaps that says something about social group. So you can imagine my delight when I came across this giant, inflatable Census form in… Continue reading

I don’t mean to shamelessly self-promote here, but I wanted to note that the Slice story on my pizza paper (pdf) has also been picked up by NBC New York’s food blog, Feast, and by Revolution Computing’s blog.  For people who don’t know, Revolution Computing optimizes R, the language used by a large number of statisticians for… Continue reading