This article from the New York Times about grilock in New York is from two nights ago, but I think it’s worth a glance.  The article is a great look at how slowly cars move.  I especially like the line, “Weekday traffic in the district moved at an average of 9.5 miles per hour — about… Continue reading

The Slice article got picked up by MidtownLunch. A lot of people have been asking for my favorite pizza places.  The answer depends on what type of pizza I’m looking for, but Maffei’s grandma slice and and Keste are two places that pop into my head a lot. Someone at the ML forum asked about… Continue reading

Slice has a nice writeup of a paper I wrote performing a statistical analysis of New York City.  The article is nicely written and distills the analysis to the parts people will care about.  See here for the corresponding PowerPoint presentation. Related Posts The virtual 2021 R Government & Public Sector Conference is coming December 9th &… Continue reading

Jared P. Lander is Chief Data Scientist of Lander Analytics, the Organizer of the New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup and the New York and Government R Conferences, an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, and a Visiting Lecturer at Princeton University. With a masters from Columbia University in statistics and a bachelors from Muhlenberg… Continue reading

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of my more interesting projects. A sampling of presentations are available on the Talks page. Coefplot for visualizing model coefficients (GitHub Repository) A multilevel analysis of wealth’s affect on the contraction of noncommunicable diseaseswith Richard Garfield and Gauden Galea for the World Health Organization 2010 Post Nargis Periodic Review… Continue reading