I’m speaking in a few places over the next few weeks, so rather than just giving people a day’s notice I figured I should lay it out a bit. Right now I have three public talks lined up with a few more about to solidify. Soon I will update this map to have past talks too.

Talk Event City Date
Modeling and Machine Learning in R ODSC San Francisco 2017-03-01
Scraping and Analyzing NFL Data Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Boston 2017-03-03
Fun with R New York R Conference New York 2017-04-21

Ohio State Buckeyes defensive lineman Joey Bosa

Been a busy few weeks with the New York R Conference, speaking engagements, writing the second edition of R for Everyone and coding open source packages.  The most exciting news involves the news as the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about my NFL Draft work.

It is a great piece with some nice quotes from the Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman and ESPN’s legendary John Clayton that succinctly sums up the work I did and runs the numbers on a few select players.

So now I’ve been in the news for pizza, the lottery and football.  Fun mix.