Pizza Girl, a pizza delivery girl who is a regular contributor on Slice, tallied up and analyzed the time she spends on various duties in her pizzeria.  This is just the first part in a series, but so far she determined that she spends 67% of her shift driving.

According to her pay schedule, she makes less money while driving ($4.95/hr) than she does while in the pizzeria ($7.50).

For starters, I think we should looked at the expected value of her shift:  E[x] = .67*4.95 + .33*7.50 + E[tip] = 5.79 + E[tip].

So we can see–assuming driving consistently makes up 67% of her time and the other 33% is in the pizzeria–that she has to earn $6.71 in tips, on average, to hit the $12.50/hr mark, which is what she considers a successful shift.

I’m looking forward to the rest of her analysis, so stay tuned.

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Jared Lander is the Chief Data Scientist of Lander Analytics a New York data science firm, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, Organizer of the New York Open Statistical Programming meetup and the New York and Washington DC R Conferences and author of R for Everyone.

2 thoughts on “Pizza Delivery Stats

  1. Awesome! You should have tweeted this at me! You seem to be way better at statistics than I am and I’d love to pick your brain (or team up) on some other little data-gathering, for-my-own-curiosity pizza delivery experiments I’ve been pondering.

    • Totally would have if I knew your Twitter name at the time. I think I’m following you now.

      Check your email, so we can figure out what to analyze next.


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