The other day, I was working near Houston street, teaching a class on QlikView (which itself could be a great post topic about data munging for statisticians).  On the last day of the class we decided to head to Bleecker street for a pizza feast.

We got two pies from Keste (Pizza del Pappa and the Margherita), a large pie from John’s of Bleecker (half plain, half sausage and pepporoni) and a large cheese pie from Joe’s.

The consensus was that Keste was far and away the best.  John’s came in a strong second while Joe’s seemed off it’s game, perhaps because we got a whole pie as opposed to a reheated slice.

The picture above is the aftermath.  A glorious before-shot exists, so I’ll try to get a hold of it.

A tour bus passed us in amazament so we explained how we visited three different pizzerias to obtain our deliciousness.

And, of course, we finished the meal off at Cones, where I love the Coffee Mocha Chocohip flavor.

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